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MedBed Temporary Housing News

MedBed Changes to Green Products
04/06/2009 CHICAGO - Medbed has announced that it will be changing its normal cleaning products over to environmentally friendly ones. more...

MedBed adds Savings For Students
04/01/2009 CHICAGO - MedBed announces Shop To Earn savings for medical students. more...

Maryland and Pennsylvania Grow
03/30/2009 CHICAGO - Medbed has added clinical rotations to Maryland and Pennsylvania in its Clinical Rotation Finder App. more...

MedBed to add in Chicago
03/24/2009 CHICAGO - MedBed will be adding additional apartments in Chicago's Little Italy Neighborhood in June 2009. more...

Clinical Rotation Finder Done
03/19/2009 CHICAGO - MedBed finishes continental US in Free Application. more...

MedBed to Create Forum
03/17/2009 CHICAGO - MedBed will develop a short term housing forum for medical students. more...

MedBed Adds Arizona and Idaho
03/14/2009 CHICAGO - Medbed adds Arizona and Idaho to Rotation Finder. more...

MedBed Says "NO" on Rent Increases.
02/25/2009 CHICAGO - MedBed will go into 2009 with no rent increases slated. more...

MedBed adds NM, UT & CO
02/23/2009 CHICAGO - MedBed has added data for 3 more southwestern states in the Rotation Finder Application. more...

MedBed Application Grows
02/16/2009 CHICAGO - MedBed's Rotation Finder Application continues Westward Bound. more...

Tenant Energy Flexibility
02/13/2009 CHICAGO - MedBed has just begun offering more flexible energy options to tenants in Chicago. more...

MedBed On Seattle Panel
02/10/2009 CHICAGO - MedBed's Ryan McIntyre to sit on entrepreneur panel in Seattle. more...

Medbed Going Green
01/24/2009 CHICAGO - MedBed has announced Project Green Street: A hands-on green energy retrofit practicum and internship for local high school students. more...

Medbed Gets Low on Pricing in NY
01/09/2009 NEW YORK - MedBed has set up housing near Wyckoff Heights Medical Center starting at $780/mo. more...

Medbed Rotation Finder Release
12/18/2008 CHICAGO - MedBed has developed a free application for medical students to find clinical rotations anywhere in the US. more...

Medbed to add Baltimore
12/15/2008 CHICAGO - MedBed Short Term Housing released news that they will add Baltimore to their short-term housing resources. more...
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CHICAGO - MedBed will make the change to environmentally friendly cleaning products.

CHICAGO - MedBed announces Shop To Earn savings for medical students.

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